When you design something as refined as Sorona® fiber, details matter. The curve of an arm, the bounce of a step, a change in the weather - it matters. It's why fabric made with Sorona® is the superior choice for clothing - designers who are inspired to take innovation to a higher level. A plave where fabrics are unmatched in look, feel and performance. When these delicate details are all spun together, whether that's blending Sorona® with other naturals or synthetics, you can feel the results.

DUPONT™ SORONA® is a polymer that is made out of sugar or glucose that is extracted from crops. Microorganisms are later added to the glucose to begin a fermentation process (similar to the process of alcohol). The fermentation replaces chemical synthesis, producing PDO (1,3-Propanediol) in a natural way. The result becomes SORONA®: a revolutionary, high-performance polymer whose positive impact is felt by yarn spinners, manufacturers, designers, and consumers across the globe. 


- Smoother feel. Fluid drape for a fit that moves with your body

- Stretch & recovery. Retains its shape and resists bagging for maximum comfort on the move

- Fade resistance. UV-and chlorine resistant for vibrant color over time, wear and washes

- Softness. Exceptional softness and rich hand feel for day-in, day-out comfort

- Patented technology. Made from unique PTT molecular structure designed for maximizing performance

- Renewably sourced. Made of 37% plant-based materials for a more sustainable lifestyle

- Long-lasting. Strength and resilience for long-lasting performance

- Wrinkle resistance. Unique molecular structure snaps back into shape for a smooth, wrinkle-free look, wear after wear

- Insulation. Delivers lightweight, breahable warmth for taking on any challenge, in any condition

- Quick dry. Dries quickly and wicks moisture off the skin for added comfort

- Reducing pilling. Smooth hand feel holds over time with less pilling

- Brilliant color. Achieves vibrant color easily and at lower temperatures





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